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Watch Jersey Shore Season 4 Episode 5 Online

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Watch Jersey Shore Season 4 Episode 5 Online

Why Did The US Government Hand Over DNS
Posted by thenewinternet02 on September 11th , 2017

Why did the US Government hand over DNS and why is it important?

Many people do not understand the Internet past surfing Facebook and placing orders on Amazon. The hard truth is that America is loosing the knowledge that built the Internet because schools are forgetting to teach the basics to their students. Soon enough only hackers will have this foundation of knowledge and what a disaster that will be for the Internet. Did you know that DNS stands for Domain Name Protocol and the US Government has been overseeing it since the creation of the Internet until October 1st 2016. A “global multi-stakeholder community” will now be taking over according to the US Government.

How does DNS work?

It pairs the easy to remember web addresses like www.authenticatedreality – with their relevant IP addresses like which then allows the internet to route your data to the right servers. Without DNS the internet would stop working, unless you wanted to start typing out extremely long IP Addresses which are composed of a long string of random numbers. An example of the power ICANN now how is if you wanted to visit the popular site but instead of routing you to the famous search page, you could be routed to a new company instead. This is a major issue and a lot of power to hand over to a private company. It could be even worse than just a simple reroute, just think about the recent DNS attacks last week. Major websites like Twitter , SoundCloud, Spotify and Shopify were disabled because of the DDOS attack on DNS. As I mentioned earlier, the government no longer has control of DNS so more outages of a greater magnitude are a serious possibility.

Some US politicians are arguing against handing over control of the Internet. Many people worry it is opening the door for China and Russia to meddle with a system that has always been protected by the US. The Internet is in better hands being protected by the United Nations, not a private company.

Internet Identity is defined as “The ability for individuals to interact online without sacrificing their personal privacy is a vital part of the Internet’s value , and is intimately related to its trustworthiness.” [1]

In my opinion, this is what is wrong with Internet today. Anonymity seemed like a great idea when the Internet was first created, but quickly, this privilege was abused. Many people and groups use the Internet to mislead consumers , lure children into joining terrorist groups, or scam your parents and friends out of money with enticing email campaigns.

I believe the Internet will help move mankind forward. This is only possible if the New Internet holds each and every user accountable.

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Hair loss is a very common problem, but that doesn’t make it any more pleasant when it happens to you. Effective treatments for hair loss have been sought for a very long time, hundreds of years, and even now the experts do not agree on what works and what doesn’t. Assuming something if safe , it might be a good idea to just try it out to see whether it works for you or not. Below are some treatments for hair loss, some mainstream and some not, but lots of people have had success with them.

The greatest solution to hair loss is hair transplant surgery. It is also the most likely method to work. All options should be exhausted before you try this one. Consult a reputable surgeon before considering hair transplant surgery. You will not simply walk out of the operation with a full head of hair.

If you’ve has no success with the natural hair loss remedies, or even if you’ve not tried any , you may benefit from taking a look at Ayurveda, an Indian healing tradition. You can sometimes find a few good products for your hair in natural food shops and online, however you should seek a qualified practitioner if you are really interesting in pursuing this. The reason for this is that the best Ayurvedic treatment is personalized and takes your entire condition into account. An Ayurvedic doctor will most likely suggest a lifestyle and diet for you, which will yield many additional benefits. There are Ayurvedic treatments for the hair if you don’t want to go as far as that , and these will include things like herbs, shampoos and essential oils.

It is believed that if you change your diet you can prevent or even reverse hair loss. For one thing, you have to make sure you’re getting enough of essential nutrients like protein, iron and all the necessary vitamins and minerals. One precaution to keep in mind is not to overdo it , as you can get too much iron and even protein. You just want to make sure there’s not a deficiency. Fruits and vegetables are good for your health as well as your hair. Avoid junk food as much as possible, as it allows toxins to build up in your body. Studies show that if you eat a balanced and healthy diet it may stop hair loss. In conclusion, there is no magical hair loss treatment that works for everybody. The closest thing to such a treatment would be hair transplant surgery, but few would consider an expensive surgical operation magical. This is not to say that what has been discussed in this article , and the many techniques, will not work for you. You might find a solution, but you will never know until you try several times to locate the one that works.

Watch Jersey Shore Season 4 Episode 5 Online

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