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There are various factors behi

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There are various factors behi

By Oliver Trust

BERLIN Cheapest Air Mx Shoes , Dec. 15 (Xinhua) -- Football fans will have to be patient if they are to get a final answer to the question: Are the German clubs in the 20142015 Champions League campaign stronger than last season?

After all the ""Bundesliga"" is the league of the 2014 world champions. There are four again in the round of the last 16: Bayern Munich (vs Schachtar Donezk), Borussia Dortmund (vs Juventus Turin), FC Schalke 04 (vs Real Madrid) and Bayer Leverkusen (vs Atletico Madrid). But most Germans are expecting the same procedure as last year: 88 per cent believe only Bayern Munich will be strong enough to reach the 2015 final in Germany's capital Berlin on June 6.

The view at the moment is that German clubs Cheap Air Max Shoes , not including Bayern Munich, are not stronger than last season. The German league might be the healthiest financially in Europe as the German clubs have to obey strict economic rules.

What also has to be considered is that to get to the top and stay there requires much more than a team full of big names. It requires a bright strategy, outstanding quality combined with an unbeatable team spirit. Meaning we are talking about Real , Barca, Man City, Chelsea Cheap Air Max Free Shipping , Paris and Bayern.

Last season Leverkusen was beaten by Paris St. Germain, Schalke was torn to pieces by eventual winners Real Madrid. And the results may well go the same way this year.

For instance Schalke: Who is honestly talking about them beating Real? But Schalke will have changed by the time they meet Madrid. And more: Schalke coach Roberto Di Matteo is the man that hurt Real's geniuses once before.

Remember 20112012? Chelsea was not expected to beat Barcelona in the semifinal and most thought they had no chance in the final against Bayern either. Parking the bus was not pretty but it won them Europe's biggest club prize. But Schalke is far from having Chelsea's quality. ""There is not more than to ask for as die and die with honor,"" wrote the German tabloid ""Bild"". Or to speak money: Real's 688.5 million euro will beat the 210.3 million Schalke.

Leverkusen has not managed to get rid of its reputation of being the eternal runner-up. The team therefore has been nicknamed ""VIZEkusen"" in Germany for years. The team enjoys attacking football as do their fans. But being deadly effective on the pitch is nothing you can expect from Leverkusen. But it is the round of the last sixteen and their opponents Atletico Madrid don't seem to be as good as they were last year. So what can 180.95 million do against 309.5 million?

From the team value point of view it looks like last season. Two Germans clubs will progress as Borussia Dortmund (342.25 million) is slightly ahead of the 329 million Juve can deliver. But it will be tight Nike Air Max Shoes Cheap , tighter than in the case of Leverkusen and Schalke. On top: Dortmund has, despite their league crisis, wonderful memories of a magical night in the Champions League. Not only in 1997 when Dortmund beat Juve 3-1 in the old Munich Olympic arena. But like in 20122013 when the team reached the final despite them not being amongst the top seeds.

Dortmund can be dangerous for Juve. And Dortmund has the power and spirit to beat the Italians. But Juve can relax for the next weeks during winter and see how things develop in Dortmund Nike Air Max Shoes Wholesale , meaning when will Marco Reus find his way back to the top? Will the Italian striker Ciro Immobile start to feel at home in Dortmund and the German league? And how long will it take for the World Cup winner Mats Hummels to get over his post World Cup crisis? To beat Juve is possible but to get to the top of the pile, the final, seems to be way out of sight.

June 6 is a date for Bayern Munich Wholesale Air Max From China , that is if the team has learned its lesson from last season. After Bayern won the German Championship, their concentration wavered dramatically and they were unable to regain it in time for the Champions League semifinal against Real Madrid. This season Bayern will in all probability win the German Championship at the same early stage as they did last season. But it appears things have changed. No crisis after the World Cup, various different systems and the ability to change tactics within minutes during a game - Pep Guardiola's answer to one of his darkest hours in football Cheap Air Max From China , the 0-10-4 defeats against Real.

Donezk (team value 172 million euro) can only be a stop-over for the team whose value is rated at around 568 million euro. What can prevent Bayern from reaching the 2015 final in Berlin? Not the team from the Ukraine which will have no league competition at home from December to the end of February. Maybe the unknown situation when all stars (including the injured Thiago, Martinez, Lahm and Alaba) report back for duty and require a place in the starting eleven? Maybe if they can't manage to keep their rhythm together after winning the German title. Last year the team was not used to playing in the various line-ups afterwards - but that won't happen this year.

Over 90 per cent of Germany's football fans expect Bayern to beat Donezk in the round of the last 16. Then they will have to wait for new answers to new questions - the most important one of will be: who will be the next to try to stop them?


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Though the world today is filled with skeptics and cynics, even then, it is that one subject that has maintain its popularity and has kept people’s interests rooted to the spot.

Why is the fascination around being a psychic?

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