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it. He placed in each of them a cotton wick and

Business > Marketing > Mobile Marketing5 Best Mobile Internet Data-Saver Apps You Must Download Now
Posted by Fluperappdevelopment in Business on October 17th Harry Kane Shirt , 2018

Can you imagine your single day without your Smartphone? In other words, without internet access do you feel like your phone is empty? If yes, then you can truly understand the value of a smartphone and mobile apps. Today, we have an app for almost every activityand that is why people are fully dedicated to their smartphones for most of their activities. As per the recent reports Son Heung-min Shirt , the number of smartphone users expected to cross the five billion mark by the year 2019. In such a scenario, we should the exponential growth in the number of app downloads over the years. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, top mobile app development companies in USA and rest of the world are in the race to rule the mobile app world with high-quality and engaging apps.

Wait! Have you ever thought that how much internet data an app consumes? If you are a phone addicted person then you must know about the daily data limit or usage on the apps which consumes high internet data. Individuals on postpaid usually have a data plan on their mobile subscription, while those on prepaid subscribe to a variety of affordable data plans offered by their service provider. Whether you are on postpaid or prepaid Davinson Sanchez Shirt , what’s important is that you don’t go beyond your mobile data limit to prevent high subscription costs. Here, I am going to help you out the people who are facing this problem! Do not worry, with the right choice of apps, you can reduce how much data you use. Let’s take a look at some of the best data saving apps for Android as well as iOS-

Facebook Lite

We all know that everybody loves Facebook and mostly Jan Vertonghen Shirt , they use it with the official Facebook app. But, it isn’t the most easy-going app when it comes to data use. To overcome this issue, FB Lite is here! This free of charge app is an improved wrap for the mobile version of the Facebook website. This means it has all the expected features, like notifications and Messenger support Toby Alderweireld Shirt , status updates but it goes much easier on both your battery and your internet data plan.


Several mobile application developersmajorly focus on the liter version of the app that does not consume much value of mobile data. In fact, tech giant Google is also helping everyone when it comes to saving mobile data. Last year, the company introduced Datally, an app designed for android smartphone users who wish to limit their mobile data use. Datally allows you to follow your data usage and identify which apps are using a lot.

LinkedIn Lite

Everyone knows about the LinkedIn app Danny Rose Shirt , whether student, employee or businesspersons. In fact, they always maintain their professional contacts with this amazing app. If you the one who wants regular access to the professional social networking platform, LinkedIn Kieran Trippier Shirt , but at a low data rate, then you must consider downloading the Lite version of the app. At around 1MB of space, the app retains the core features of the central app. It allows the easy messaging facility and gives access to key sections such as Jobs and News.

YouTube Go

There is no doubt that YouTube is one of the most favorite apps among users. However, most people get worried because it consumes high data. Not to worry Hugo Lloris Shirt , the solution is here! Download YouTube Go, which is another data-saving app from Google LLC. Here, users can control their mobile data usage by previewing videos before watching them and by choosing how many MBs it should consumer.

Opera Max

Opera Max is a perfect data-management platform that helps you keep a tab on which browser or app is consuming what amount of data. Whenever one of your apps makes a connection to the internet, the connection goes further through Opera’s servers. And Cheap Tottenham Hotspur Shirt , they compress any data before it downloads to your phone. It keeps an eye on both mobile and Wi-Fi data, and it works with just about every app, counting YouTube.

Wrapping Up

Gone are the days when you need to think about mobile internet data usage before installing your favorite app. You should be able to make your data last the full month by turning on the data saver feature and by downloading these apps, thereby reducing your chances of being hit by excess charges. If you are planning to hire android app developers Kyle Walker-Peters Hotspur Shirt , then make sure they also build an app with a liter version. This will get your app to connect with more target audiences.

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