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We do our best to provide customers with a variety of customized documentsm. Getting a second chance in life with a new identity, protect your privacy, build new credit history, resume your freedom. We are the only manufacturer of authentic PASSPORT, ID CARD, DRIVER LICENSE, WORK PERMIT, GREEN CARD, VISA, CITIZENSHIP.To get more news about how much to buy a passport on the day,you can visit 45degreesdesign news official website.
• Dual Nationality
• Full Citizenship application/documents
• Driver's licence (United States, Canada, Australia, the EU, Asia …)
• ID cards (United States, Canada, Australia, the EU, Asia …)
• Passports (United States, Canada, Australia, the EU, Asia …)
• Diplomas/Degrees/Certfificates/ACCA/PMP/MRCP/CPA/Nebosh/
• VISA(Canada, United States, UK…)
• Birth certificates
• Green Card (Permanent residence permit)
• Work permit
• Buy IELTS Certificate
Email: degreesdesign@outlook.com
Whatsapp: +86 15079956189
Visit: https://www.45degreesdesign.com/
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